Learn Selenium from My Experience – Part 1

New to Automation(selenium/Appium)? Or Want to start your career as an Automation Tester? Here is a path one should follow to become an expert in automation.

This blog is for the people who are new to the automation world. I will suggest a path so that you can achieve your goal. When one should start doing any new thing, he must be aware of these three things.

1. Why

2. What

3.  How

Why do we need to learn automation?

We need to learn automation because it lessens our efforts, time & resources.

What is automation?

In Software, Automation is an approach to computerize a process which can save human efforts. Similarly, Automation testing is an approach where a tester develops a script and replace human testing by executing the test script.

How can we do this?

If you want to be masters in Selenium or Appium, then the first and must step is JAVA. You should learn the core JAVA from basics. I am suggesting you the minimum topics which one must learn to survive further in automation testing world. The most important topics which you must cover are –

1. OOPS, Concepts – In the OOPS Concept, you must cover Object, Class, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Overloading, Overriding, Abstraction, Encapsulation.

2. Collection Framework – In the collection, you must cover ArrayList from List interface, HashSet and TreeSet from Set interface, HashMap, Iterator & ListIterator.

3. Loops – In loops, For loop, While loop, Do while loop & for each loop. Strong knowledge of loops should be recommended.

4. String – Full concept of String and difference between string object and string literals.

5. String Buffer

6. Data Types

7. Arrays

8. Exception handling

9. Modifiers like Static, Final

When you gain the basic knowledge of core java, do some programming practice,  write down some programs by yourself, so that you become handy.

I will help you with the very good programs which are very frequently asked in interviews from automation testers in my next blog. When you did this much then only I suggest you go further.

After doing this much go for Selenium and Appium. If you skip the first step(Core Java), then you will face issues in all your career. If you learn core Java, then you can also learn some new technologies like cucumber, Extent Reports easily. The base of all these things is Core Java.

Someone said If you want to learn from own experience you can do but it will take lots of time from your life. So learn from others experience. Let me help you with my experience. I have also learned most of the concepts from these links. Please refer these links which are free and very useful.

Below is the pictorial summary of my thoughts.

References –

People who are entirely new to JAVA and want to have in-depth knowledge of  JAVA concepts will refer to this link –

People who need to brush up their concepts will refer to this link-


For JAVA programming practice refer to this link –


Note: Next part of this blog will come soon.

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